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Plant a Garden


Gardens are beautiful, produce food and oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants, filter groundwater and allow for rainwater percolation into the soil. Even a small garden can make a positive difference in the community!

Butterfly Garden

Plant a butterfly garden! Select specific plants to attract the species of butterfly you desire to attract. For example, the Gulf Fritillary catepillar (larvae) dines on the Passion Flower vine. Take care to plant for both the mother and larvae!

Attract Wildlife

Planting a cluster of sunflowers may attract flocks of wild parrots! They love the seeds and will shred the flower heads to get them! They are messy eaters, so the sunflowers may self-seed for years to come.

The Monarch

The Monarch butterfly is in steep decline in the U.S., due to the use of pesticides, herbicides (petrochemicals) and GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms, such as BT Corn and Roundup Ready Soy and Cotton). Plant flowering plants for the mothers and Milkweed for the larvae (catepillar). They will bring even a small garden to life!

Fruits and Vegetables

Plant a fruit and vegetable garden! Growing food at home, even in a pot or container garden, will help provide delicious, nutritious food for your family, as well as benefitting the environment! Check for other gardenrs in your neighborhood-you may be able to do a fruit exchange! Start a community garden!

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