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 New Partnership! Original logo by M. Simun!

Innovate, Create, Make!

Crocheted Octopus
Crocheted Tardigrade
Screen made from paper cutouIMG_2801
Cards for PEACE
Thermofax "screen"
Original Illustarion-Mary's Logo
Logos on T-shirt
Logo double screened on T-shirt
Logos on small tote
Thermofax "screen" with paints
Logo  screened on a dive fin
Handmade cards
Old T-shirts made into backpack
Old T-shirts made into backpack
We provide an environment to encourage and educate young people to develop their ideas through science, math, engineering, technology  and art.

All one needs is a curious nature and a willingness to take risks! We are all creative at heart!

Creators start with an idea or a concept. Through guidance, support and activities, they turn their own idea into a finished product that they have the potential to market. We provide materials and expert guidance to enable young people of all ages to creatively express themselves and develop as individuals.

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