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Protect our ocean! The time is now to make a change. Small changes in the way we use materials on a daily basis will add up to big changes for the planet.


Science Action

Trash is accumulating along the shoreline, in rivers and in the ocean. We must stem the tide. Since it is impossible to clean it all up, we must prevent it at the source. Avoid using single-use plastic: carry reusable bags and water bottles. Use biodegradable materials instead of plastics.


Donate your time. It is easy to do. Pick up trash in your neighborhood. Participate in a beach clean-up. Volunteer in a classroom. Donate supplies or musical instruments to a local school. Every little bit counts; it all adds up. Together, we can change the world.

Get Involved

It's easy. Just go outside, observe, experience, appreciate. Then create, share, volunteer, support, care. We are all in this together. Love our Mother, Earth.

NOAA article about garbage



Protecting the Coastline

There are so many ways to get involved!

Educate, protect the environment, create!

Removal of water-loving plants helps the coast, the ocean, and our water table. Plant drought tolerant plants instead or grass and thirsty annuals.

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